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Meda’s Run is a dog shelter located in Serbia, but home to dogs from neighbouring countries too. To us, dogs have no nationality. All our welcome.

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About Meda’s Run

Meda’s Run is a shelter located in Serbia. But we rescue many dogs in Kosovo and Bosnia too. Many of our dogs are taken directly from the streets or unwanting owners. The conditions some arrive in are devastating. Still, we do what we can to whoever crosses our path, no matter nationality.

Meda’s Run may reside in Serbia, but our volunteers cross borders weekly. We also look after street dogs in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo and provide food, medicine and sterilisation wherever we can.

We need your help!

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Random dogs for sponsorships

Did you ever dream of doing great deeds with only small gestures? We are looking for virtual fairies! Every euro donated to Meda’s Run is spend on the dogs, directly or indirectly. Would you like to become a fairy to one of our dogs? Please look no further.

Random dogs for adoption

Are you looking for a dog to share your life with, and want to make a difference? Adopt, don’t shop! Please have a look at the dogs available for adoption on our website. You can check below or find the complete list on its own page.

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